Palmetto MDR is a group of business interests predominately focused on real estate activities and connected by the common ownership of Tim Crawford and his various venture partners.  Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, Palmetto MDR builds financial value by combining unique concepts, hard work and excellence in execution.  We are "building something special" at Palmetto MDR.  


Palmetto Management is a construction manager and real estate fund manager. The construction projects are solely focused on the internal sister brands of Palmetto Homes, The Cottage Green and commercial development. The real estate funds invest in high-return, purpose-driven Texas-centric deals.


Palmetto Development is the land and real estate development division focused on mobilizing property development for its joint venture partners and internal sister brands including the Palmetto Management real estate funds, Palmetto Homes, The Cottage Green and commercial development.


Palmetto Racing is a motorsports focused entrepreneurial umbrella concentrating on promotion, products, people, and property including the North Houston flagship location of Speedsportz Racing Park (“Houston’s High-Speed Playground”) at the Grand Texas Sports & Entertainment District.

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